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/* FS_IOC_FIEMAP ioctl infrastructure.
   Some portions copyright (C) 2007 Cluster File Systems, Inc
   Authors: Mark Fasheh <mfasheh@suse.com>
            Kalpak Shah <kalpak.shah@sun.com>
            Andreas Dilger <adilger@sun.com>.  */

/* Copy from kernel, modified to respect GNU code style by Jie Liu.  */

# define _LINUX_FIEMAP_H

# include <stdint.h>

00014 struct fiemap_extent
  /* Logical offset in bytes for the start of the extent
     from the beginning of the file.  */
  uint64_t fe_logical;

  /* Physical offset in bytes for the start of the extent
     from the beginning of the disk.  */
  uint64_t fe_physical;

  /* Length in bytes for this extent.  */
  uint64_t fe_length;

  uint64_t fe_reserved64[2];

  /* FIEMAP_EXTENT_* flags for this extent.  */
  uint32_t fe_flags;

  uint32_t fe_reserved[3];

00035 struct fiemap
  /* Logical offset(inclusive) at which to start mapping(in).  */
  uint64_t fm_start;

  /* Logical length of mapping which userspace wants(in).  */
  uint64_t fm_length;

  /* FIEMAP_FLAG_* flags for request(in/out).  */
  uint32_t fm_flags;

  /* Number of extents that were mapped(out).  */
  uint32_t fm_mapped_extents;

  /* Size of fm_extents array(in).  */
  uint32_t fm_extent_count;

  uint32_t fm_reserved;

  /* Array of mapped extents(out).
     This is protected by the ifdef because it uses non standard
     zero length arrays.  Note C99 has the equivalent flexible arrays,
     but we don't use those for maximum portability to older systems.  */
# ifdef __linux__
  struct fiemap_extent fm_extents[0];
# endif

/* The maximum offset can be mapped for a file.  */
# define FIEMAP_MAX_OFFSET       (~0ULL)

/* Sync file data before map.  */
# define FIEMAP_FLAG_SYNC        0x00000001

/* Map extented attribute tree.  */
# define FIEMAP_FLAG_XATTR       0x00000002


/* Last extent in file.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_LAST              0x00000001

/* Data location unknown.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_UNKNOWN           0x00000002

/* Location still pending, Sets EXTENT_UNKNOWN.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_DELALLOC          0x00000004

/* Data cannot be read while fs is unmounted.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_ENCODED           0x00000008

/* Data is encrypted by fs.  Sets EXTENT_NO_BYPASS.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_DATA_ENCRYPTED    0x00000080

/* Extent offsets may not be block aligned.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_NOT_ALIGNED       0x00000100

/* Data mixed with metadata.  Sets EXTENT_NOT_ALIGNED.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_DATA_INLINE       0x00000200

/* Multiple files in block.  Set EXTENT_NOT_ALIGNED.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_DATA_TAIL         0x00000400

/* Space allocated, but not data (i.e. zero).  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_UNWRITTEN         0x00000800

/* File does not natively support extents.  Result merged for efficiency.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_MERGED       0x00001000

/* Space shared with other files.  */
# define FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED            0x00002000


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